Snowbirds and Seasonal Travelers

A snowbird is a term which refers to a person from the north who moves to a warmer southern state in winter. It is also means a bird with a white belly and a brown or gray upper part.  A snowbird is a term often associated employed to talk about individuals who migrated from  higher latitudes and cooler environments of the northern USA and Canada and move southward in winter to warmer places such as Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, or Mexico, and areas of the Caribbean. The set of people who falls into this categorization usually maintain ties with family and friends by migrating to where their loved ones are. They are usually addressed as seasonal travelers because their migration from one place to another is time-bound and as a result of some reasons.

Furthermore, different times of the year, seasonal travelers engage in various forms of movement from one place to another. They move from one location to another which is occasioned by several factors such as weather, vacation, work demand, schooling, business trip, etc. Seasonal travel can be done on weekly, monthly, quarterly or as situation may necessitate.

While some travelers engage in their movement for work related reasons, other move around for holidaying purpose. For instance, some consultants travel from place to place to attend to their clients. Some seasonal travelers migrate to a new location due to health related reasons. Those who are affected by seasonal disorders usually move to environments that suit their health during seasonal changes. Other snowbirds/seasonal travelers are individuals who maintain several seasonal residences. They like to move from one of their residences to another one during specific times of the year.

As individuals move from a place to another, they go along with the things they find very useful and important. Some of the properties which travelers take along are their vehicles and key personal belongings. We take care of the shipping and delivery of seasonal travelers’ cars. We also handle seasonal travelers’ carriage.

Supporting Our Troops

Our military men and women pay a very high price for us as a nation. They place their lives on the line in order to ensure the safety of every American citizen. Also, several of our troops are stationed in various parts of the world to ensure peace and security globally. With America being  in the forefront of most of the theatre of wars in the world, there is a  strong need to support our troops every day. They need our support in order to boost their morale and better their well-being. This can be done by providing adequate resources, comfort and education to them and their families. They are always at the forefront of defending us from danger and so deserve the very best of our support and commitment.

As a responsible and patriotic organization, we strive to support our troops 24/7 through our our contribution as an auto shipping company. Thus, we don’t just offer discount to our men and women in uniform, we go further to enroll them in outstanding heroes transport campaign. We do this bearing in mind that they can be transferred from one base to another and as such we help to reduce their expenses. Supporting our troop project is therefore part and parcel of our call as an organization

Auto Transport Nationwide

Auto transport service is a key business that has gained attention in modern times especially as human beings move from one place to another place. Auto transport service also entails organizations and individuals shipping  cars from one location to another. Clients may not necessarily be in the new location as it may be a case of shipping the cars to another company cite or to family and friends.

In the United States, auto transport nationwide is a very big industry. This industry sees to the efficient transportation of vehicles from one part of the country to another part, from one state to another, in a reliable way. Prior to the moving of vehicles from one location to another, insurance covers are secured to forestall any unforeseen circumstance.

While several organizations offer auto transport services, at Andrew Auto Transport we understand the meaning of quality customer service and efficiency. Our auto transport trailers rate as the best in the industry. Your vehicles will surely enjoy strong insurance cover as we ferry them from one point to your destination of choice. We have received several some of the best auto transport reviews in the industry as we always strived to make our customers very happy. We are always ready to make you happy.

Protect the Snowbirds!

7 year’s ago my grandmother, Minerva, asked me to find someone to ship her car to Florida. I had no idea what I was in for. I received ten different calls from ten different companies after filling out an online quote request.  Each company was selling against the next.  In the end my head was spinning.

Concerned, I couldn’t help but feet bad for my grandmother and her friends, especially the ones trying to do this on their own. I realized quickly how hard it was to find someone reputable, who cared.

That’s why I got involved.

I went to work for an auto transport company to learn the business. I learned some great things but I also left behind the bad things I saw. Fear tactics, disorganization and most importantly, lack of communication. During those first years I developed what we here at AAT call the “Three P’s”.

Planning. Protection. Price.

Planning– with over 6,000 affiliate drivers we’ve narrowed it down using on the best drivers for the care of your car. 24 hours a day 7 days a week AAT will know exactly where your car is.
Protection– Every vehicle shipped with AAT is insured for up to $100,000. If your vehicle is valued higher, we will make arrangements.
Price– We know price is very important to our clients. Others may call with similar price. This is why we match or beat our competitors prices. And what’s just as important as price is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you chose the right company to ensure your car is safe and delivered on time.
Feel free to call us for simple, reliable and cost effective transport anytime.

Can I put things in my car to transport?

This is the most common question we get asked at Andrew Auto Transport. The answer is yes!

AAT is one of the very few transport companies that allows you to pack your vehicle. There is additional cost ranging between $50 and $100 but the savings when compared to shipping those items through USPS or FEDEX is unbeatable. Every day we save our clients hundreds of dollars in shipping fees.

Call us today to discuss how we can save you money on your next move. Safe Travels!

To be enclosed or not to be enclosed

Often our agents get asked about enclosed shipping. Sometimes it’s a show car, sometimes the car just has sentimental value and other times it’s simply a cherished vehicle (which usually has a nickname attached). While enclosed trailers increase cost of transport by about $250, the choice really is yours.

After surveying some of the industry’s top auto transport professionals, the following question kept coming up over and over again. Do you drive the vehicle on the open road more then once a week? If so, an open carrier is perfectly fine and a safe way to transport your vehicle. With the damage rate being less then 1%, it’s safer than driving it yourself.

Ask your Andrew Auto Transport agent if an enclosed auto carrier is right for you. Safe travels!